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Saturday, 2-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah

water Fountain
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Me and my buddy and family in Melaka

Friday, 1-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The day the Great Tsunami struck

pineapple hair kaklang
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26 december 2004............to 28 december 2004
This historical date i was in Port Dickson Beach Resort for my annual family holidays and gathering ..just across the straits of malacca a massive earthquake happens and trigger the Tsunami,if ...........!!!! semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat pada mereka yg telah pergi.........amin

Thursday, 31-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hongkong Assignment 3 - 8 th August 2004

downtown hk
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With Malaysian national juniors in Hong Kong. I was selected in a last minute situation to bring the players for the Head Hongkong junior squash tournament from 3 to 8th august 2004.

3rd August 2004.
Got up at 6.00am .stayed in Ahmad's hse in NSCbukit jalil.went to BJSS at 6.30 am to catch a van and also with 3 players from BJSS .Amir Ariff,Zulhijjah Azan n Siti Munirah
Reach KLIA airport at about 7.30 am.A few players were already there.Went straight to the money changer to buy some HK dollars to distribute the money for players and officials allowance.
Take off from KLIA after the hassle of checking in...9.15 am depart.Flight took about 4 hrs to reach HK airport.I had lunch in the flight.fish and some fruits,fruit juice.
4 hrs of direct flight without a single cigarette smoke..cant take it.
Reach the airport ..first place i look for was the smoking corner
smoke 2 sticks and move ahead to the immigration to have have our passport stamped.
Amir ariff cause a bit of delay at the immigration due to some data confusion amongst the immigration officers.
Collected our baggage and check out the airport.A HKSRA representative waited for us.walk out the terminal to the bus waiting for us.the whether there was simply hot!! lagi panas dari Malaysia.coz summer was going to end soon. Autumn just around the corner.HK have 4 seasons.
we arrived at the HK sports Institute at around 4pm.checked in our room..small room but ok la..i'm sharing it with yap kok four (coach n former international)..went straight to the squash court to look see look see ..lots of hk juniors were training .
A friend call my handphone for 4 minutes and digi deducted rm 32 for that.. aduuiiiii mahal giler.
went out for dinner to the nearest station from where i stay.naik lrt.Dinner at Mcdonald's .Filet o fish was my menu for dinner until i go back to M'sia again..lain semua tak halal. Bought some bread and fruit juice for morning breakfast.8 slice of bread for hk8 dollars.. : O .after dinner back to the hksdc where i stay .had a short meeting with the players on the game schedule and tidor time..was tired n slept like a baby.

4th august 2004.
let the games begin.all the junior players got thru their games easily . some got byes in this early round. morning games end at around 12pm. went to the cafeteria to have our lunch. Bought plain rice (nasi kosong) for hk13.50 around rm6.75 our currency.. mahal tuuuu... nasib baik tapau canned foods dari m'sia.we sat one corner and chat amongst ourself.. glamour masa tu jadi perhatian lain contigent sebab makan own food..HK food sume ada pork..x halal.
Zul Azree bawak serondeng and sambal goreng..huhuuuuu abis kena pau dgn lain players.
Evening matches start at 3pm to 7pm..sent email to my daughter and fren.went out for dinner at 2 station further south.dinner apa lagi Mcdonalds je la..came back had a short meeting ,post mortem on the games and ready for the next game tommorow.still all went thru their matches.

5th August 2004.
same routine everyday.baca email. pergi courts,balik lunch and back to courts..by this time i start to miss my family already. Beli call card and called my family.. just to say how much i miss them...
at nite went out to Mongkok,macam Petaling street kat KL tu...buy some souveneirs... t shirts n macam2 la nak kasi buah tangan ,nak bodek boss gitu..x cukup masa sebab dah lewat.. balik rush naik train..singah 7 eleven kat station beli la rokok sekotak.. harga dia 36hkd adeiii rm 18 je..nyesal plak beli kat sana.

6th August 2004
By this round couple of players dah get knock out from the tournament.we arranged some friendly matches against the koreans,singapore n japanese teams..tingal few players yg reach semifinals..
by now me get bored with my daily routines,nak pegi jalan2 pon x sempat..mlm je la p dinner... every corner is concrete jungles.... bandar bersih gak la.. shopping centres class giler ..shot some videos in my outing with the players..gelak sendiri bila replay ... heheheh

7th August 2004.
Morning relax skit sebab games tingal finals and 3/4 placing playoff.Nabila finals u17, teo wai hong finals u17 boys,ade few more lagi girls main 3/4 placing.. not a bad result for the players considering ramai foreign players taking part.after the finals and price giving pergi Mongkok lagi ..kali ni shopping habis .. kasi clear hk dollars .. jln2 sampai lepak badan.. players pon rebut2 nak habiskan duit..i already missed our malaysian food lebih2 lagi homecooking.... came back and start packing all my clothing yg x cuci tu plus some new clothing yg baru beli..canned food buat kenduri kasi habis kan stock..but still my luggage lagi besar jadi nye..hehehehe.. penuh ole2 hk..mlm tu stay up late tgk tv hk sume citer hk.1 channel je in english.. no cable cam astro kat mesia. budak2 main futsal tgh mlm .. memekak je sebelah my room.. skali2 sound skit kasi dia org respect who is the boss.. ehemehem..

8th August 2004
Bangun pagi breakfast roti and fruit juice..last minute packing and kemas2 barang..by noon the tour bus dah sampai to sent us to the airport.. say goodbyes and thanks to some hk officials yg ade masa tu..my heart dah x sabar2 nak balik.. rindu kan keluarga yg tersayang...after check in our luggage shopping lagi kat duty free shop.. beli choclate sampai rm100 lebih..flight at 2.00pm. 1 more time amir ariff kantoi dgn immigration officers..dia org ingat mamat ni taliban.. hehehe..
lunch in flight kari ayam..macam sedap je rasa dia...hehehe better than canned food..pas makan frust cant smoke.. so wat donno je la.. pindah sit blakang skali buat draft report untuk submit to the association on the performance n bla bla bla
tgk jam dah dekat 6.00 ptg still clear tp fron the air macam jerebu je kat klia..touch down shopping lagi kat duty free shop.. abis kan duit .. family mmembers dah tungu .. after saying bye2 to players we split ..masing2 balik to hometown masing2....ade yg balik penang and sarawak..sampai rumah mlm happy giler huhuuuuuuu

Friday, 25-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
my lovely daughters

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I love U angels..u are the sunshine of my life..your presence make a lot of diffrence in my life..

Friday, 18-Jun-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
sukma 2004 NS

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Masa Sukan Malaysia di Negeri Sembilan

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